Web Strategy & Design

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where you want to go and what you plan to offer will determine the right design
Content Strategy & Content Creation

A Content Strategy keeps your website relevant. It establishes a process for you to audit, organize, and manage your most important online asset, your content. A link brought your visitor to your website, make sure you deliver on what they came for. In this way a content strategy is the foundation to online marketing. Now you’re ready to develop compelling content, meaningful infographics, captivating photography, and targeted blog articles ripe for the picking by your audience.

Logo Design & Promotional Branding

At the heart of any logo design is the ability to visually relay your message. We’ve got so much design around us sometimes we don’t even see it any more. And that’s when design gets really good — because if you notice a design or a logo, and actually read it or remember it, then the message got through, whether it was a logo, sign, or promotional marketing piece. That’s what happens with CCB Creative when designing your logo, your message gets through.

Web & Graphic Design Services

We’ll start with the best brainstorming session ever. We’ll establish what you want your design project to do for you; we’ll look at what existing designs you like and why; and then we’ll develop a plan and a design to achieve your goal and convey your message to the right audiences. Think of me as your in-house design consultant, available to meet your needs and help with your web design or graphic design project.


“Pretty” is the end result; behind the interface is a plan and strategy.
Your design project starts with a plan.

More than twenty years ago my career began as a graphic designer. Then in the 90s managers were asking, "Hey, who's going to take our organization to the internet?" Since then I've been designing custom websites, from hand-coding in notepad or using a web editor to coding themes for CMS frameworks like WordPress, my specialty. But designing a website without understanding content planning, social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, blogging, branding, and a plan to generate valuable content is like making wine without fruit, bread without flour, ...a suitcase without handles. So we'll start with your goals and develop a plan.

  • Content Creation

    infographics, photography, blog articles

  • Logo Design

    Branding and ID design, promotional campaigns

  • Web & Graphic Design

    web design and development, print design

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Project Management

Managing each project with the right talent
Cindy C Barnard
Communication Designer and Principal at CCB Creative
Managing the process of your design project and insuring the success of the launch.


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