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About CCB Creative

More than twenty-five years ago my career began as a graphic designer. I combined a fine arts degree and an english minor, along with a certification in computer graphics, to develop and hone my skills. Then in the early-90s many... read more

Web Content Development A plan to manage this valuable asset and develop content to engage your... read more


Content development for blog articles, social media strategies, email campaigns, and online publications. Work includes writing, editing, and updating this valuable web asset. More about writing for the web.

Graphic Design

Visual Development for infographics, as well as logos and promotional design for growing and long-established organizations. Design and layout for brochures and other publications. More about graphic design.


Photographic Development: portraiture and product photography. While working with many clients, the need for online images is key to developing compelling content. Find out more about photography services.

Blog Articles: Still the best way to keep your content fresh is through a blog. Discover... read more

Web Strategy

Landing pages, on-page SEO, off-site SEO, Social Media, Email Campaigns, Blogs – all of these channels need to work in tandem, have a consistent message, be in sync, and be timely. Read more about a creative web strategy.

Google Analytics

Measuring your results is key to honing your message and reaching your goals with successful conversions. More about Google Analytics and how to accurately find insights into how users interact with your website.

Business Services

Email campaign services; website hosting and malware protection; and website maintenance for WordPress. Find peace of mind knowing your data delivered, maintained, and up-to-date. Find out more about these services.

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Latest blog posts.


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It isn’t about coding — what a word, ‘coding.’ Coding in my line of work is... read more


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It’s winter now, but not for long. The snow has fallen and melted away, and many... read more


Shoulder season

Even though it is officially fall, I still cling to the warm days in New England.... read more


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Melanie Wold - Writer, Editor, Content Specialist

Business Services

Peace of Mind: I offer web hosting with malware protection and website maintenance for WordPress. Find out more about these convenient services that take the worry out of maintaining this valuable asset, your website.


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