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People are curious about information that affects them. And as a writer, I know your audience is seeking new insights that address their concerns and answers their questions. They are ready to sign up, contribute, purchase, step in or step up, and spread the word.

Content can do all of that.

My content is accurate, timely, original, raise-your-hand news that compels your audience to find out what you've got to say, turning a link into traffic, a topic into a discussion, a toolkit into action.

Contact me about your writing projects, and let's discuss topics that provide new insights for your audience.

Freelance Writer

You’re in need of clear, concise content that gets your ideas on the page and delivers the message to your audience. Through careful research and interviews, I write content for web page descriptions, blogs, articles, social media, and email newsletters. More about content writing, your most valuable online asset.

Web Editor

As Web Editor, I manage the content of your WordPress website, as well as maintain the framework and components. My work keeps your content current and your website running efficiently and securely. Find out how I can help you with website management.

Graphic Designer

Visual content matters when delivering your message, and graphic design is the core discipline for web and print. Offering infographics and promotional design, as well as assistance with print layouts. I also optimize images for print and web applications. More about graphic design.

Additional Services

Inbound Email

Your most effective channel of communication is email, still. While we’re inundated with email every single day, remember, it isn’t spam if your audience explicitly subscribes and is interested in you. More about inbound email newsletters and how to use this channel to drive traffic to your website.

SEO Services

From content to code, boost your organic search with On-Page SEO. This strategy means developing content with the right tone and a precise message that motivates your audience. And if this sounds like good writing, it is. SEO is for your readers as much as it is for search engines. Find out how.

Content Marketing

How has your marketing or outreach efforts been influenced by changes in resources, policies, or technology? Identifying trends is the blueprint to developing content that reaches your audience. Find out more about results-driven content through Social Media, Email, Blog Posts, and Landing Pages.


As a freelance writer, the heart of the matter is to understand your content needs and website goals, as well as the aspirations for your organization. With over 15 years of experience working in communication and outreach departments, I develop... read more

Knowing how to implement an email strategy makes all the difference in meeting your outreach goals and increasing your CTA’s. At CCB Creative, I have integrated an email service called Email Courier, a world-class email campaign and marketing platform. Email Courier provides a user-friendly interface, pixel-perfect email templates, and robust metrics. Through Email Courier, you’re never required to use my logo – only your brand because your message is about your business, not mine. Find out more about my email newsletter service.

My Work

States search for solutions to the recycling crisis

Article for Pulse on LinkedIn

The Warehouse District | The N&O

Article for The News & Observer

Friends Bring the Old World Tradition of Pizza to Old Port

Feature article/press release for a local restaurant opening

EPA Source Protection & Drinking Water Programs

Promotional design to support the regional EPA office

Writing for the Web


Easy tips for on-page SEO

So, it’s about your website… Do you want to be found in search results for the essential services or offerings you provide (and you know you do)? If so, here are a few tips to help you optimize your web... read more

Cindy Barnard, freelance writer, dba CCB Creative

Email quick start guide

Emails are a little bit like commercials. When they’re entertaining, they make you consider something or buy something. Good commercials are relatable. They make you think, smile, or even make you laugh out loud. If it’s a bland commercial, the... read more

Cindy Barnard, freelance writer, dba CCB Creative

Make the switch from HTTP to HTTPS

With technologies such as the Let’s Encrypt project, website owners on shared servers are able to provide a secure website connection through HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) — and this secure connection isn’t possible through an HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)... read more

Cindy Barnard, freelance writer, dba CCB Creative

Matt Schweisberg - Principal, Wetland Strategies and Solutions, LLC

Melanie Wold - Writer, Editor, Content Specialist

Business Services

Peace of mind – that’s what happens when I manage your WordPress website. Let’s take the worry out of maintaining and securing your website, your most valuable online asset. I offer content development, content management, framework and plugin maintenance, and On-Site SEO Services. Contact me, and let’s discuss how we begin maintaining your website.


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