As a freelance writer, the heart of the matter is to understand the aspirations of your organization. All good stories flow from that point.

With 20 years of experience in communication and outreach departments, I write content that cultivates your readers and keeps your website evolving as a thriving hub of information.

Contact me today to write your next good story.

Previous work:
I began CCB Creative part-time in 2006 as a freelance website designer. After moonlighting for a few years, I went full-time in 2009, developing custom WordPress websites.

I should insert a note here: I’ve always worked with content in one way or another. You shouldn’t begin a design until you understand the client’s message. And for small businesses without staff in-house, I became their web manager, writing and editing content and keeping the framework updated.

Now I am excited that my focus is on writing content. I seek out topics of rising concern and interest. And within this environment, I write a story that invites your audience on a journey.

But why let all of that WordPress experience go dormant. So I continue to help clients who need WordPress content management and framework maintenance (while recommending good sources if they’re also looking for design work!).

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