With more than twenty years of experience, the work at CCB Creative encompasses content development and WordPress website design. And the thread that weaves these two services together is a web strategy.

A web strategy… is a plan to keep your message relevant and in sync with your online goals. It begins by reaffirming your goals and working together to develop a plan for the website content and the design that will reach your audience and keep them engaged.

And developing website content or a website design without a web strategy is like making a suitcase without handles – or a box without a lid. Continue on to find out why:

Together we strategize and write your story, keeping in mind that businesses aren’t all about the business itself, they’re about people who own, manage, and work in that business, and importantly the people they serve.

So at CCB Creative the heart of the matter is to discover the needs and wishes of the client, and the dreams for their business.

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CCB Creative is managed and owned by me, Cindy Barnard, and I maintain an office in Portland, Maine. I work with professionals online from around the world, as well as professional local talent.

These professionals are some of the most talented in their field today and consists of WordPress developers, Online Editors, and Web Marketers.

I specialize in content development, working within your overall web strategy, and I primarily use WordPress for website design. I will work with members of your organization to complete your project, or I will work as your point of contact to manage your project and build the team that fits your needs.

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