At CCB Creative, the heart of the matter is to understand your content needs and website goals – and the dreams for your business. With more than 15 years of experience, I develop and edit content that cultivates your website for the ongoing and evolving information hub that you need it to be.

The work at CCB Creative encompasses content development and WordPress Management. And the thread that weaves these two services together is a web strategy.

A web strategy is a plan to keep your message relevant and in sync with your online goals. The process begins by reaffirming your web strategy. And by working together, we will develop a plan for content development and website management that will keep your audience engaged and interested in your offerings. 

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CCB Creative is a web design business I began in 2006. A lot has changed between then and now, for as we know, technology changes, and as follows, so do best practices.

The work began as a moonlighting job and then in 2009 became my full-time work. After experience with many OpenSource CMS frameworks, WordPress was the one that I continually used to develop websites, and is the only one I use today as a Web Editor helping clients manage their website content and framework updates.

I once acted as a project manager, helping clients form teams to complete their project needs and generally taking on the task of web planning and theme design. Today, I am working as a consultant and freelance business writer, while continuing to help with planning and theme selection for WordPress websites when a client can use my services as their Web Editor.

Content Business Writer: From web page content to blog posts, and online articles to email newsletters, I will deliver written work to meet the expectations and needs of your business. I will work with you until your ideas are realized clearly and precisely on the page.

Web Editor: I’ll write, update, and maintain the content of your website as well as maintain your WordPress framework – bringing you peace of mind on a daily basis for a website that is your ongoing, living asset in need of planning and daily performance.

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