This plan was developed to offer a set number of hours that may be applied to a wide range of website services provided by CCB Creative. Use the time all at once or over time. This plan is a renewable service plan.

Affinity Website Service Plan
$3857 hours

Subscription Offer

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A renewable service plan for current or new clients. *Use the 7 hours all at once or incrementally.

The Affinity plan is a discount to the standard rate, with the added benefit of providing a quick and accessible way to get the help you need for your website edits and management.

Many services are available with the Affinity Plan
** Your 7 hours can be applied to:

Training you how to use WordPress or one of the online website builders

– Planning for web strategy, which may include social media and email campaigns, Search Engine Optimization, or coordinating web promotions with print

– Creating new images, either photographic images or illustrations, or researching appropriate stock images

– Simply updating the content, copy, and message of your web pages

– And many other services,
…but note, the Affinity plan does not include new website designs or website redesigns. If you’re an individual or small business interested in a startup plan for a new website or a website redesign, please read about CCB Creative’s Vantage Website Startup Service Plan.

Contact CCB Creative today for more about the Affinity service plan.

* The hours offered in the Affinity plan or the Vantage plan must be used by the client within 12 months of the purchase date.

** Many of CCB Creative’s website services are included in the service plans; however, custom development work is limited within these plans. CCB Creative may be able to edit a current custom website if the addition of some custom coding will function within the current site (and note custom work is only for WordPress websites); but custom development for a new self-hosted website or a self-hosted website redesign would be priced separately on a per project basis.

*** While some website and web components are free to use, note that expenses, if any, for hosting the website, for specialty or premium components offering functionality for the website, or for the website theme or the domain name, or for other expenses are not included in the plans. All prices subject to change.