The Affinity Plan

Is your website out-of-date or is it impossible to make edits to your website? Does your website need renewing with fresh written content and images? Or maybe you need a fresh approach to your online promotional efforts. Fix these issues with the Affinity Plan:

Affinity Website Revival Plan: $490 for 7 hours

The Affinity Plan was developed to help you update and renew your WordPress website and online content.

The plan provides a set number of hours to make it easy and simple for you to bring your website, and web presence, up to date. How much time and what projects to complete will be determined.

A renewable service plan for current or new clients. *Use the 7 hours all at once or incrementally.

** Your 7 hours can be applied to:

Updating the content, copy, and message on your website.

– Updating content on your off-site channels, which may include social media and email campaigns, online profile updates, and other online account updates.

– Updating images (there would be an additional cost for creating images or researching and purchasing stock images)

– Planning for web strategy, which may include Search Engine Optimization or coordinating web promotions of social media, email, and print.

Updating your website components, modules and plugins.

–¬† Training¬† for website maintenance and management (WordPress, Wix, Square and other frameworks and online site builders).

– And other services,
…note, the Affinity plan isn’t for new website work or website redesigns. If you’re an individual or small business interested in a service plan for a starter website, please read about the Vantage Website Starter Plan.

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