(modified 20 August 2020) Marketing Profs offers valuable insights about building your message online. In their article, Why You Should Integrate Online Marketing and Direct Mail, they also confirm that traditional print marketing works too, like direct mail — just make sure you do your homework and target a specific audience.

Let’s get started with a few tips:
1) Use direct mail to collect email addresses.
What campaign can you develop to persuade your audience to provide an email address, to opt-in with an online subscriber form?

While print costs more, and usually lands in the circular file, more people are reading your print postcard, according to Marketing Profs, than are opening your email. Through print your brand is being seen, eventually recognized, and if successful, trusted.

When well planned, email (using only opt-in methods) offers greater returns than most other online marketing efforts and is cost effective. Using print and email together offers even better results than any one method alone when you carefully craft a strategic plan to coordinate the two channels.

2) Use a print campaign to drive your audience to a landing page.
Here it’s all about your campaign, it’s all about your message. Keep it simple; place message up front; create the layout and color so it all points to — the message.

Right along side that message, place your call to action.

Studies are mixed on this point, but I always like to see my way to the home page from  a landing page, I like to check out the website before I commit. So you could offer one or two other related links in a small area, at bottom of page or on the side.

Always remember to keep all your marketing channels consistent and working in tandem. Keep track of all your campaigns, both in print (vanity url’s) and online (through Google tracking or other analytics software), so you can measure your results.


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