To start I should make one point clear about how I work, our project will not be about selling a cheap product or unwanted service that qualifies for no other use than making a quick buck. If this is the case for you, there are other promotional services that do this well enough and they are who you should seek out.

I want to work with you if you serve businesses or consumers and your offerings will be useful and well made.

Duplication is not the issue here, even originality, because someone on the face of this planet has already thought of a similar idea and has at least attempted such a venture. Truly, in some way, it has all been done before. As an economist once impressed upon me, it is the same thing as before, just done a little differently.

So with that sentiment out of the way, this is what I’m about:

Your Cause – to save the globe, a town’s tributary, or your corner lot. We will devise a plan to get your message out clearly to the people who need to hear it and raise the roof, and those donations, too.

Your Product – from a useful manufactured product to a handmade original. It may be a charm that serves no other purpose than to put a smile on a face (and we all could use that) to yet another coffee maker (but with automatic “delivery”, say), or to a new app that changes hearts, minds, or lifestyles.

Your Services – from food service, publishing, or professional hair styling to humanitarian services, let’s face it, if you provide joy, hope, vital information, or nourishment and compassion, we need you in our community and the right people need to know you exist.

We will find out who is interested in your work. And after your target audience has been discovered, then we’ll go straight to the heart of the matter and create the content to captivate your consumer.

Call me and let’s get started.