What came first the web design or the development? Does form always follows function?

Definition :

Web design is the look and feel. Web development refers to the programming necessary for functionality. The terms are used broadly to include both processes, and both are inextricably linked in today’s technology.
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So what did come first, the design or the development?
How about both – call it synchronicity!

It means looking at the entire process of web design and
development together and creating a website strategy.

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With a website strategy you can avoid these experiences on your website:

  1. Have you quickly exited a website with an incoherent layout, you couldn’t find the information you wanted?
  2. Or you found and liked the content, but the bad functionality of the website sent you surfing?
  3. Or how often did a link about “chickens,” for example, send you to a web page about “pterodactyls!”

When designing a website with CCB Creative these experiences won’t happen to your users.

1) Got design ideas, let’s see how your content reads within your design.

2) Got good content, let’s discuss what layout and user experience would work best.

3) Got ideas for web strategies — social networking, email, blogging, ads —
let’s make sure we develop a website strategy with targeted links and relevant content.

CCB Creative builds websites with a strategy in place containing the elements needed to create a good website, engage users,
and provide a happy journey.

CCB Creative web design and development

How to design a good website

It all comes down to:

• identifying the audience.
• developing the message for each web page.
• laying out the design to deliver the message.
• and implementing only the right type of functionality to make it easier to access the message.

And your “message” may be informational or it may be your product or service.

CCB Creative will help you:
• analyze possible layouts.
• tweak the right message.
• research cool functions and user interactions that may apply to your content and message.
• plan for a web strategy, implemented as needed or in phases.
• and pull it all together for the best website for your organization.

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P.S. Remember, develop a website plan for all possible needs, from design and development to online and traditional marketing strategies, because it all effects your website design.

Developing a comprehensive plan doesn’t mean you must implement all of it at once — start the first phase now and then other phases as needed and suits your budget.

In this way you’ll be able to grow your website without skipping a beat because you planned for this growth from the start.

CCB Creative web design and development