Use only explicit practices for building email subscribers. It is really that simple.

CCB Creative utilizes Email Marketing as inbound marketing, that’s to say, it’s by the actions of the subscriber to opt into an email list.

Besides, with email you only want those who will read your email in the first place; and this is the group that will respond to your call to action.

To add a subscriber to an email list you have by law three methods:

• Through an online or offline subscriber form (an explicit method)
• By people providing their contact information AND approving the subscription (an explicit method)
• Through a purchase, up to 2 years (an implicit method, though it that can be used effectively towards explicit subscriptions)

(Find out more about the CAN-SPAM Act)

Even if someone makes a purchase and you are allowed to email them – ask them anyway if you can send them an email; and have a good reason why they would want your email.

Keep that reason of why anyone would want your email clear in your head and honed to a sharp point, like an elevator speech, but even better and quicker than that.

Another approach would be to send only one email after a purchase to thank the customer and to provide value information about the product or service they purchased. Then provide a link if they would like to continue receiving emails. Let them choose which email topic they are most interested in and how often they would like to receive the emails, if your email strategy has that many options.

And use social media to find more of your audience for email subscriptions, millions of people are there. Discover how to best engage people using social media and insert an email subscribe form on your page. There are a few subscriber apps available for you to try, or ask a developer for help. In this way you will discover how to implement a full-circle web strategy using social media and email.


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