Your most valuable online asset is content.

Your website is a living entity. To keep it active and alive, you’ll need content that sustains your audience.

Because people are curious.

They want to know the answer to their query, and, “please, keep it snappy.” You can always entice them to stay longer once you’ve answered their question and then tell them, “oh, by the way, there’s another side to this topic you should know before you go.” People don’t want to miss out.

From web page content and descriptions to blog posts, news stories, and feature articles, I develop content that cultivates and nourishes your readership.

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Additional Services

On-Site (or On-Page) SEO

First and foremost, I write informative stories that capture your audience’s attention. Without such a story, all the SEO efforts in the world will not pay off. Because your goal isn’t about the traffic itself, it’s about what your audience does with the information.

In writing a good story, I utilize strategic SEO methods to inform web browsers. Browsers rank content if they can determine the story’s topic with precision. They want to know the topic’s primary points and what crucial phrases within the story indicate how this information will help readers.

That’s SEO in a nutshell: Search Engine Optimization. Or, in my world, that means optimizing the story so that it becomes an essential page on your website.

Find out more about how I utilize SEO in my writing.

Website Editor/Manager

To ensure your website content remains relevant, I provide editorial oversight to keep your content up-to-date. I oversee content quality to maintain the tone and intent of your web presence.

In additiona, I manage your promotional and editorial calendar, and maintain accurate reports of upcoming edits and changes.

Find out more about my role as Web Editor for your website.