I attended a webinar entitled Head-Smacking Content Strategies, presented by Wil Reynolds, Founder and CEO of SEER Interactive. And literally it was “head-smacking” because he covered many top-notch ideas for SEO with such rapidity that my head did hurt afterwards. It was the pain of trying to prioritize which tip to utilize first.

Here are a few tips I think should be prioritized:

1) For ecommerces sites, Wil recommended that for every product page title insert a date; products are just like clothing trends, they constantly change with style updates, model changes, technical upgrades. Adding the date increases traffic 2 – 4 fold.

2) He also said that it always amazed him all the content or product descriptions with no breaks, no sub-titles, no images, no white space, hardly, and these are high-volume websites.

Wil said “infographics” people. Graphics that actually support the point of the content and then you can cut the text down to something digestible for the web.

In addition to infographics what about making them interactive — calculators, sizing tools, etc. These are a hit with users. And in addition, everyone by now should know to use video whenever possible.

Along with these content strategies remember proper coding, alt tags, and descriptions for the search engines.

Additional tips:

• Use how-to’s, guides, tips, and lists within your content and blogs, these are excellent draws.

• And write good content. What’s that, you say? And it all depends,

… but take this general rule:

find the search volume for your topic, what are people searching for, and use these searchable items to generate your keywords and your content.

One more point, Wil said, and really he said this at the start, “Find someone who cares!”

Truly, find the people interested in your product and service, do the research, get a real inbound link. “No short-cuts!” he said.

Want to be scared of Panda updates, just keep taking short cuts to low quality sites, or worse buying links. You know, those times Google figures out how people have been taking these short-cuts and then changes its algorithm to cut out these short-cuts when calculating your ranking.

Great webinar. View Wil Reynolds LinkedIn profile.


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