Once upon time, as they say, there was a new, great frontier called the internet.

Many individuals, entrepreneurs, business owners, and global corporations jumped in. It was fight or flea, chart the course, and somehow lead the way.

At times the internet wasn’t pretty, lots of inflexible layouts difficult to edit, layouts trying not to look like print, and little user interaction to make the web feel personal.

Many early adopters and tech savvy people have taken on the internet, understood its potential, found creative ways to strategize and communicate online. We can gain from this charted course and learn how to structure our organization’s business plans for the web.

Still, I find many don’t believe an overall web plan or web strategy applies to them, or just not now, not at the moment, later on. I know, I’ve made similar mistakes, thinking one thing will just lead to another. That’s a plan alright, just not the one you rely on.

Whatever your website needs, write them down, make a note of them, figure them into the process of a website design or redesign. Let your web developer help you structure your website for your message and content, and lay the foundations for a web strategy.

It doesn’t mean you need to implement all of the plan at once. It means with such a plan, when the time comes and your budget is set, you’ll be ready to grow your website without backtracking, without unnecessary code hacks and inconsistent layouts. And it will save you time and money.

It doesn’t matter what your web strategy may be; it may be just wanting to drive more customers to an online support system, growing an email list, simply providing directions to your location to cut down calls to the admin staff. You will be much more successful if you actually incorporate these goals into “The Plan” of a web design or redesign.

Sounds simple doesn’t it.

Imagine developing a website for more complex marketing strategies if you don’t plan for it from the start. You may have a multi-dimensional strategy incorporating social media, email campaigns, Google Adwords, and other marketing efforts; and if your site isn’t prepared to handle the traffic from these promotions, how will you accomplish goals and meet conversion expectations.

So make a plan, all encompassing,
and phase it in as it suits your budget and business growth.

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