The Pioneer Plan

This plan is for ongoing SEO projects for individuals and small businesses needing to keep a competitive edge in a dynamic online space.

Pioneer Plan
Advanced SEO

Part-time contract work for up to 24 hours of SEO work per month. Contracts are renewed in 3 month segments (quarterly).


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• This plan keeps your website and web strategy optimized for organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and in this way keeps you ranked at the top of search pages for search terms and keywords important to your organization and your offerings.


  • Website analysis and reports indicating issues that could hinder your SEO goals with recommendations for remedying these issues.
  • SEO Reports as to your current standing with off-site SEO and link building with a guide to more external web sources to increase your online presence.
  • Onsite SEO Reports to understand if your on-page (on-site) and cross-linking hierarchy works for your goals.
  • Keywork analysis and analysis of web content to better meet your SEO objectives.
  • Content analysis: is your message compelling to your audience
  • Personas: understand the needs of your customer, understanding the human behind your web strategy efforts and developing a message to answer the needs of your audience
  • Landing pages that meet the criteria of the link associated with the page; and generating content that gains leads, sales, and your calls-to-action.
  • Case study research and development to better analyze the effectiveness of the SEO strategy within your field.
  • Google analytics reports that truly hone in on the metrics that tell the true story of how your visitors interact with your message, your promotional and outreach efforts, and your website content – and how compelled they are to request your offerings.

And an ongoing management and monitoring program to consistently meet your SEO goals and web strategy – including the items listed here:

Do you have a good web strategy for your link outreach plan: What online opportunities should you make with other related industries and businesses. What press coverage or social coverage, or if applicable, what influencer should you collaborate with.

Do you have a user friendly website that can be accurately index by search engines: Is your website optimized for Google’s crawler, and other web crawlers, is your website interface easy to navigate for your users. How accessible is your website.

Is your keyword fine tuned to the topic of your page and mapped to your URL; and have you utilized rich snippets and schema.

Do your have tracking services in place to help you understand how your users are interacting with your website and able to make the necessary changes to continue the work of optimizing your website structure and content.

I. The hours offered in the Affinity plan or the Vantage plan must be used by the client within 10 months of the purchase date.

II. Additional hours to the service plans are billed at $65 an hour.

III. Many of CCB Creative’s website services are included in the service plans; however, custom development work is limited within these plans. CCB Creative may be able to edit a current custom website if the addition of some custom coding will function within the current site. And note custom work is only for WordPress websites; but custom development (website development not based on a prebuilt template) for a new website or a website redesign would be priced separately on a per project basis.

IV. Some website and web components that may be needed for your project are free to use, but note that expenses, if any, for components offering needed functionality, for hosting the website, for specialty or premium plugins or modules, or for the website theme or the domain name, or for other expenses, including expenses for other related services, are not included in the plans.

*Please take note that any discount offer is applied once to any of the service plans. For service plans that offer monthly contracts, the discount offer is applied once to the first month. Only one offer per project or contract. Limit one offer per client. All prices subject to change.

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