The Pew Internet and American Life Project sheds light on how users interact online. This information could help your organization better understand your audience, or lead you to new audiences.

Here are some latest findings by Pew Internet:

1) Where do people get information about local businesses

The results of a survey done in January of 2011 among more than two-thousand adults shows that the internet is the source people relay on for information about local businesses. Newspapers rank next, among other sources. Find out more about where people get information about restaurants and other local businesses.

2) If your organization is interested in how people pass the time, this report is for you, The internet as diversion and destination.

This report indicates an increase, higher than in 2009, of adults going online just to pass the time or for fun. For any given day 53% of young adults (18 – 29) go online in this way and 81% of them go online just to pass the time at least occasionally.

Compared this finding to adults in general: 58% of all adults (or 74% of online adults) use the internet for fun or to pass the time. These numbers are higher than 2009 and would seem to indicate the internet is becoming more of a daily routine in our lives.

If your business depends on online users, or you just want to interest an audience searching for information in general, this report could be the start of rethinking your outreach or promotional message. Users looking for a direction or just something in general is a situation full of opportunities to spread the word of your organization.

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