The top three tactics for building your email subscriber lists are often heard, but often overlooked by businesses.

The #1 method for building an email lists is to allow users to opt-in during registration, with 61% of businesses saying this is a very effective method according to the new 2012 Email MarketingSherpa Benchmark Report. Yet this method was only the 6th most used in a list of ten.

Typically e-commerce businesses use this registration email opt-in (59%). But other industries who want to sell their offerings, or spread the word, are not taking advantage of this tactic:

Professional or financial services – 31%
Software industry – 28%
Education or healthcare – 26%

Nonprofit organizations and educational industries could apply this tactic each time they have event or workshop registrations. Tell people with a quick, smart, creative description as to what they’ll get with your email newsletter, compel them to act, and offer the opt-in check box — either online or in print. Organizations that support, nourish, and educate people about their health, their environment, and their economic well-being could use many of these cost-savings methods to get their message out to their audience.

Two other effective tactics:

2) Make your email signup form available whenever you offer an online event like a webinar. If your organization offers a technical or professional service or provides educational material, this tactic seems more effective for you.

3) Anytime someone needs to register to your website, offer your email subscriber opt-in checkbox; and each time compel users to sign up.

Don’t forget face-to-face methods. While hosting or sponsoring an event on-site, talk to people about your email newsletter and provide a sign up form the old-fashion way, print.

And don’t be discouraged; it is daunting to build your email list. But remember, as much as you may believe in your organization’s offering or cause, email newsletters aren’t for everyone. A few people will truly be interested and sign up, and that’s who you want to sign up, no more and no less.

Email Research: Top 3 tactics to grow your list by Adam T. Sutton January 17, 2012


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