The Vantage Plan

This plan was developed to offer individuals and small businesses a website service plan for a starter website or a basic website redesign.

Vantage Website Starter Plan: $840 for up to 12 hours

• This plan utilizes the WordPress site builder.

The breakdown of these hours follow this structure:

  • 2-3 hours of needs assessment and website planning.
  • 3-4 hours of researching an appropriate website theme (or template), and upon approval of the theme entering your written and visual content as established during the assessment and planning phase.
  • 2-3 hours of edits (with 2 draft reviews), and the launch of the website
  • approximately 2 hours of training

Note 1: While I would be happy to assist you with content development, keep in mind, the aim of this service plan is the development and layout of the website. You will save time, and therefore additional expenses, if you have your content ready at the start of this project; and indeed the best way to assess and plan for your website is to have the content already at hand.

Note 2: This package includes up to 15 primary web pages.

When thinking about the number of pages consider the “home” page, a page for “about” (possibly a page for “team” and/or “testimonials”), a page for “services” or “products” (possibly one or two pages for sub-categories within services or products), and a page for “contact” information, as well as other relevant pages like an FAQ page, a blog page (a styled page for you to add blog posts), a “featured” page, or a “gallery” or “portfolio” page. This determination all depends on your needs.

Each website startup project is unique, so consider how you would like to prepare. Will you need time for optimizing your images and editing your written content. During the planning phase we will determine your needs for your starter website, and also how best to allocate your hours for this website service plan.