This plan was developed to offer a startup package for individuals and small businesses needing a new website or website redesign on a budget.

Vantage Website Startup Service Plan
$550 – up to 10 hours

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• This plan is for online site builders, specifically, Wix, or SquareSpace, and incorporating a pre-built website template.

• CCB Creative knows how these site builders function and how to get the most out of a website template, and that is the value of such a website service plan as we offer with the Vantage plan.

• Up 10 hours are allotted to building your website. The breakdown of these hours often follow this structure:

  • 2-3 hours of assessment and planning
  • 3-4 hours of researching an appropriate template, and entering your content for the website.
  • 2-3 hours of edits, training, and a launch of the website

Note 1: Now along the way CCB Creative will make suggestions as to how best to develop your website that would be favorable to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so that upon launch, your website structure will enable you to build upon SEO at a later date if SEO is one of your future goals.

Note 2: Also keep in mind this package does not include content development. You will save on expenses if you have your content ready at the start of this project; and indeed the best way to assess and plan for your website is to have the content already at hand – a good portion of it anyway.

Each website startup project is unique, so some of your time you may want to apply to such services as optimizing your images and editing your written content, or requesting other similar services we offer. We will work with you during the planning phase to determine your needs for your starter website, and also how best to allocate your hours for this website service package.

Note 3: This package includes up to 15 web pages. Usually a startup site will consist of roughly 10 – 15 web pages (so think about a page for “home”, a page for “about” (possibly a page for “team” or “testimonials”), a page for “services” or “products” (possibly one or two pages for sub-categories within services or products), and a page for “contact” information, as well as other relevant pages like an FAQ page, a blog page (so a styled page for future blog posts), a “featured” page, or a “gallery” or “portfolio” page – it all depends on your needs, but again, a starter site for this page is up to 15 pages to get you started.

* While some components of a website builder may be free, note that expenses, if any, for hosting the website, for components that provide needed functionality for the website, or for the website theme/template or the domain name, or for other expenses are not included in the plans.

** Additional hours to the service plan are billed at $65 an hour. All prices subject to change.

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