Individual proprietors or small business owners may find they need entry level web design services when they are balancing many other business needs, or simply help updating the content on a current website, including blog posts and new images.

CCB Creative offers two website service plans to offer assistance when you need additional resources for your website and your online presence.

*These service plans offer a set number of hours to use when needed for a wide range of website services.

**Use the hours all at once to complete a project, or use them incrementally to fit your schedule.

Find out more about these service plans:

Subscription Offer

For a limited time, subscribe to our email newsletter and receive a $25 discount on one of the website service plans. (Purchase of the service plan must be made by March 1, 2020 for the discount.)


$385 for 7 hours
a one-time introductory offer
Find out more about the
Affinity Plan.

$440 for 7 hours
a renewable offer.
Find out more about the
Vantage Plan.

* The 7 hours offered in either the Affinity plan or the Vantage plan must be used by the client within 10 months of the purchase date.

** Many of CCB Creative’s website services are included in the service plans; however, custom development work is limited within these plans. CCB Creative may be able to edit a current custom WordPress website if the addition of some custom coding will function within the current site; but custom development for a new self-hosted website or a self-hosted website redesign would be priced separately on a per project basis.

*** Expenses, if any, for hosting the website, for functional components of the website, or for the website theme are not included in the plans. All prices subject to change.

Contact CCB Creative to start you on your way to a successfully online experience where you’ll find and engage with your audience.