At CCB Creative planning for a website, or redesign, is key. What do you want your website to do? What would success look like to you?

We’ll begin by establishing the primary goal of your website and determining your audience or target audiences. And we’ll discuss a needs assessment to establish a process for content planning and development and to establish roles for people involved within within your organization, as well as your stakeholders.

A website is a on-going process, a living entity that is often as important to your business as the business itself.

For many businesses and organizations the website needs to be regularly updated to keep the interests of their users, whether it’s announcements, promotions, new research findings, new products or services, or blog posts providing valuable information about your company or how to use your products or services.

CCB Creative will use a content management system to help you easily manage your website and will align your marketing plans with the web design and development process.

Next develop a Plan or the “blueprint” to support your goal and message.

Content unique to your organization is important − the text itself along with the images, audio and video files, the design elements consistent with branding and promotional designs, feeds, and the downloadable documents — to name the basic elements of content.

CCB Creative takes these initial assessments and develops a sitemap, a flow chart indicating where the content is located and what the topic is for each page. The sitemap will also layout the navigation and the content hierarchy. And a wireframe is created, the visual layout of your website.

Each phase must meet client approval. Once the plan is in place the coding and production begins with regular intervals with the client to insure the process is meeting the plan as approved.

Working in this way CCB Creative builds your website with a comprehensive approach to meet your needs, to be a visually dynamic, functional, useable site integrating your goals, your web strategy, and your marketing plans.

We’ll launch your website and implement your web and content strategies for the on-going process of managing and promoting your website.

Contact CCB Creative to get started with your website project.