$40 / month **month-to-month

With the website maintenance plan, CCB Creative monitors your WordPress website software, along with component upgrades, to insure your website is running smoothly and safely. And keeping your WordPress software updated is the first action you can take against hackers.

The maintenance plan also provides weekly backups that are saved for one year.

Why all the backups? A virus injection may have been sitting on your site for weeks — with CCB Creative’s maintenance plan, if you need a clean website from 3 days ago or 3 months ago, you can have your website up and running in hours not days.

Website maintenance is $40/month. Discounts are available for some limited and small individual enterprises, please contact for more details.

CCB Creative clients utilizing the website maintenance plan are allowed one-hour/month for consultation or questions about their current website topics dealing with updates and maintenance (note that this consultation does not apply to new design work or to new projects or to new SEO strategies); and consultation after one hour will be billed at $35/hour, a reduced rate from the regular production rate of $45.00. 

Please Note: WordPress Maintenance does offer scanning services to insure your site is clean of malware, but this plan does not include clean-up for any attacks or hacks on your website. For this service please see more at website hosting/malware protection.

**this is a month-to-month plan requiring a 4-week cancellation via email, with a confirmed email response to finalize the cancellation process.

I. The Affinity plan or the Vantage plan must be used by the client within 10 months of the purchase date.

II. Additional hours to the service plans are billed at $80 an hour.

III. Custom development work is limited within these plans (and only for WordPress). I may be able to edit a current custom website if the addition of some custom coding will function within the current site. But custom development (website development not based on a prebuilt template) for a new website or a website redesign would be priced separately on a per project basis (and is for WordPress websites).

IV. Some website and web components that may be needed for your project are free to use, but note that expenses, if any, for components offering needed functionality, for hosting the website, for specialty or premium plugins or modules, or for the website theme or the domain name, or for other expenses, including expenses for other related services, are not included in the plans.

*Please take note that any discount offer is applied once to any of the service plans. For service plans that offer monthly contracts, the discount offer is applied once to the first month. Only one offer per project or contract. Limit one offer per client. All prices subject to change.

Please contact CCB Creative to start your project today.