Make the switch from HTTP to HTTPS

With technologies such as the Let’s Encrypt project, website owners on shared servers are able to provide a secure website connection through HTTPS — and this secure connection isn’t possible through an HTTP connection. This process is implemented by a Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol on an HTTPS connection. So lets break down this tech… read more

Build the Conversation

(modified post from August 12 2015) Marketing Profs offers valuable insights about building your message online. In their article, Why You Should Integrate Online Marketing and Direct Mail, they also confirm that traditional print marketing works too, like direct mail — just make sure you do your homework and target a specific audience. Also remember:… read more

Content matters

(modified post from Aug 31, 2015) We naturally gravitate to good design. We notice the light, color, texture, movement, visual message. All this captured in an instant. The web design, along with the images and graphics, provides a fast overview about a particular topic. Once the visual has gotten our attention we are likely to… read more

Code for the People

It isn’t about coding — what a word, ‘coding.’ Coding in my line of work is structuring a website, developing a design, or I may compare it to diagramming a sentence, working a puzzle, building a lego town. While good clean code is often called poetry, and rightly so, it isn’t the code alone that… read more

Winter passing

It’s winter now, but not for long. The snow has fallen and melted away, and many think it will not snow again. Daylight Savings Time is in just a couple of weeks. It arrives earlier each year it seems to me. This year it is an entire week before the spring equinox. The winter was… read more