SEO: 3 nontechnical tips and 3 somewhat technical tips for on-page optimization

So, it’s about your website… Do you want to be found in search results for the essential services or offerings you provide (and you know you do)? If so, here are a few tips to help you optimize your web pages, called On-Page SEO or Onsite SEO. Let’s start with the not so techy SEO… read more

Email Quick Start Guide

Emails are a little bit like commercials. When they’re entertaining, they make you consider something or buy something. Good commercials are relatable. They make you think, smile, or even make you laugh out loud. If it’s a bland commercial, the message is ignored, or worse, your message is annoying, and your audience reaches for the… read more

Top Ten Tips for Landing Page Designs

10) From whence they came:Keep your message exactly the same on the landing page as the copy/anchor text that brought your visitor to the landing page in the first place. Don’t make your visitor think about this one, make it clear that they are where they thought they would be would the click to your… read more

Why you want their permission

updated: 2019 Why do you want their permission, …don’t perpetuate spam (or even the perception of spam). Permission-based email marketing (using opt-in practices when developing your email lists) is the law in the U.S., and many get around this law with implicit permission in the fine print. We are all too familiar with fine print…. read more

Make the switch from HTTP to HTTPS

With technologies such as the Let’s Encrypt project, website owners on shared servers are able to provide a secure website connection through HTTPS — and this secure connection isn’t possible through an HTTP connection. This process is implemented by a Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol on an HTTPS connection. Let’s break down this tech talk…. read more