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Writing for the Web

Writing for the Web is a blog about optimizing your content to gain the most traction with your audience. I cover topics ranging from SEO and landing pages to email campaigns and blogging – all to help small businesses and individual website owners improve their outreach efforts.

Head-smacking good ideas for content

I attended a webinar entitled Head-Smacking Content Strategies, presented by Wil Reynolds, Founder and CEO of SEER Interactive. And literally it was “head-smacking” because he covered many top-notch ideas for SEO with such rapidity that my head did hurt afterwards. It was the pain of trying to prioritize which tip to utilize first. Here are… read more

Why you want their permission

updated: 2019 Why do you want their permission, …don’t perpetuate spam (or even the perception of spam). Permission-based email marketing (using opt-in practices when developing your email lists) is the law in the U.S., and many get around this law with implicit permission in the fine print. We are all too familiar with fine print…. read more

Email campaigns and your audience

When using email, think about your audience. What would you say to them if they asked a question like, How will your product or service make my life easier? What would you say if they asked, What got you interested in this business? Tips for communicating with your audience: What information (features, specifications, history, improvements,… read more

Top three email building tactics

The top three tactics for building your email subscriber lists are often heard, but often overlooked by businesses. The #1 method for building an email lists is to allow users to opt-in during registration, with 61% of businesses saying this is a very effective method according to the new 2012 Email MarketingSherpa Benchmark Report. Yet… read more

The key to keywords

Keywords are another way to hone your message and focus your topic online. And to that effect, thankfully, they are also the key to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). “Keyword,” the term we typical say, really means “key phrase.” Key phrases are multiword keywords with the intention of being highly specific with a narrow focus, also called… read more