Shoulder season

Even though it is officially fall, I still cling to the warm days in New England. I drain the summer weather dry, all the while wearing a wool base layer under my white, summer sweater, forget the fashion codes post-labor day. And then I accent it all with a hand-knitted scarf just to reassure myself… read more


My first exhibit this year was installed for August and September, a photography show entitled Trace. My intention for the name of this show was to simply indicate a tiny portion of a larger story. One guest said to me the images are about memories. My work is in an alcove off the main exhibit… read more

We are users
I was sitting at the table the other night contemplating the word “user” and trying to remember when and where I was when someone at a web marketing workshop indicated that “user” was the better term to apply rather than “visitor.” And then at that moment a segment on NPR’s Marketplace began about the “users… read more


Favorite Words Workflow I have been using this word now incessantly. With its origins maybe in manufacturing, workflow for me has come down to how I efficiently manage routine processes, from everyday administrative and business activities, to managing website development projects, to organizing and managing photography post-production and printing. Setting up the process and staying… read more

Inbound marketing should be your email strategy

Use only explicit practices for building email subscribers. It is really that simple. For me, Email Marketing is inbound marketing, that’s to say, it’s by actions of the subscriber to opt into an email list. Besides, with email you only want those who will read your email in the first place; and this is the… read more