Inbound marketing should be your email strategy

Use only explicit practices for building email subscribers. It is really that simple. CCB Creative utilizes Email Marketing as inbound marketing, that’s to say, it’s by the actions of the subscriber to opt into an email list. Besides, with email you only want those who will read your email in the first place; and this… read more

Build the Conversation

(modified 20 August 2020) Marketing Profs offers valuable insights about building your message online. In their article, Why You Should Integrate Online Marketing and Direct Mail, they also confirm that traditional print marketing works too, like direct mail — just make sure you do your homework and target a specific audience. Let’s get started with… read more

Content matters

(modified post from Aug 31, 2015) We naturally gravitate to good design. We notice the light, color, texture, movement, visual message. All this captured in an instant. The web design, along with the images and graphics, provides a fast overview about a particular topic. Once the visual has gotten our attention we are likely to… read more

Code for the People

It isn’t about coding — what a word, ‘coding.’ Coding in my line of work is structuring a website, developing a design, or I may compare it to diagramming a sentence, working a puzzle, building a lego town. While good clean code is often called poetry, and rightly so, it isn’t the code alone that… read more

Top three email building tactics

The top three tactics for building your email subscriber lists are often heard, but often overlooked by businesses. The #1 method for building an email lists is to allow users to opt-in during registration, with 61% of businesses saying this is a very effective method according to the new 2012 Email MarketingSherpa Benchmark Report. Yet… read more