Google’s Algorithms

Google uses algorithms to find pages associated with your web search or your query. One of the first Google algorithms are the “Penguin” and the “Panda.” Now a new algorithm is on the scene, “Hummingbird.” Penguin and Panda algorithms have undergone many updates over the last several years. Hummingbird is a brand new algorithm replacing many… read more

Metrics speak louder than tweets

From status updates to tweets and pinning, measure what your audience is reading. A preamble to all social networking efforts, and all other web strategies, too Not enough emphasis can be given to the importance of measuring your engagement with social media to your bottom line. It is the only way to keep your online… read more

Are you embracing the change?

A look at how arts organizations are embracing social media and making it work for them, and making it fun, too. In reading the report, Arts Organizations and Digital Technologies (by Kristin Thomson, Kristen Purcell, Lee Rainie, Pew Internet and American Life Project), a recurring issue arises for commercial businesses and public/private organizations alike — social… read more

Social media – your audience

When using social media, think about your audience. What would you say to them if they asked a question like, How will your product or service make my life easier? What would you say if they asked, What got you interested in this business? When communicating with your audience on social networks ask: What information… read more

Make the plan, chart the course

Once upon time, as they say, there was a new, great frontier called the internet. Many individuals, entrepreneurs, business owners, and global corporations jumped in. It was fight or flea, chart the course, and somehow lead the way.