Quick start guide for Facebook

When considering a Facebook account the first thing you should do is research. What are people online saying about your industry. I think I’ve mentioned many times here that listening when it comes to participating in social media is the first step (see A time to listen, a time to tweet). On Facebook, businesses should… read more

Attributes of the “alt tag”

Email still brings in, or can, more return on your investment than other marketing efforts like paid search marketing and banner ads. So make your emails count. First and foremost, develop an online and offline strategy to grow your email list, OPT-IN is the only way to go with email and thus making it truly… read more

A time to listen, a time to tweet

Social networks can seem like a frenzy of disconnected messages, status updates, and discordant noise. And some of it is – and well, why not. Sometimes people just say something one-off, and if it’s pleasant, poignant, humorous, or insightful, it can give you a smile or a chuckle, a pick-me-up in the day. But if… read more

Confessions of a web designer

As a web developer I have a confession to make. It was a few years after college life before I even hit the start button on a computer. Only in the last year of school did I hear the rumble of the computer age. I heard this distant thunder from some of my fellow art… read more

Eating too much gravy lately?

That’s what we do, we follow the rules, at least we think we do. But do we even know what the rules are? We just lap up the gravy, that delicious splash of 140 characters or quick quibbles about our friends, colleagues, and families. Or, we say, this is why I’m here and here’s a… read more